No Wire Hangers: Best Bad Moms in Movies

Bad Moms is set to hit theaters this weekend, but bad mothering has been the crux of many memorable films. From neglectful moms in comedic favorites to the abusive monsters in horror classics, these are the moms that will make you thankful for your own parents (and when was the last time you called your mom, anyway?). In honor of the campy cult classic Mommie Dearest, Zach assembles the “No Wire Hangers” list of the Best Bad Moms in Movies for’s MovieMob.

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Zach I Gotta Ask! Q&A

It’s Q&A time on MovieMob! Zach answers #ZachIGottaAsk questions from Twitter. Should I be interested in Jason Bourne? Will Scarlet Johansson play a Japanese character in Ghost in the Shell? Am I allowed to like Birdman again? These questions and more in Zach’s latest video for

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